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Insurance Limits

Gulf States Transportation has a Best Guide Rating A

  • Business Automobile Insurance
    • $1,000,000

  • Damage to Rented Premises
    • $50,000 each occurrence

  • Medical Expense
    • $5,000 any one person

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Coverage as Follows:
    • $1,000,000 each occurrence
    • $2,000,000 aggregate limit
    • $1,000,000 business auto insurance
    • $100,000 uninsured motorist
    • $6,000,000 umbrella (each occurrence)
    • $6,000,000 umbrella (aggregate)

  • Workers Compensation:
    • $1,000,000 each accident
    • $1,000,000 each disease - each employee
    • $1,000,000 each disease - policy limit

  • Bailees coverage - $50,000 for supplies, groceries, material, etc

A certificate of insurance is provided to each customer with them named as an additional insured for general liability and blanket waiver of subrogation. Our most recent experience modification rating is .87.

Applicable Legal Compliance

The US Department of Transportation (US DOT), The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), and The Louisiana Public Service Commission (LPSC) are the agencies that regulate the personnel transportation industry.

  • US DOT # 1577207
  • FMCSA # 584027
  • LPSC # 6730

GST is licensed by the US DOT, the FMCSA, and the LPSC. The state of Louisiana requires drivers to have a Class D Chaufer's license to transport passengers throughout the state. It is not required in other states. The DOT requires drivers to have a medical card for transporting passengers across state lines.

  • All of our drivers have a current TWIC card.
  • All of our drivers in Louisiana have a current Class D Chauffer's license
  • Every applicant's driving record is pulled and reviewed before being hired.
  • All of our drivers have a current DOT Medical Card.

GST uses Industrial Medicine Specialists LLC (IMS) to do pre-employment and random drug screenings. We also perform random Breath Alcohol Testing on our drivers. We use the BAC Track S75 Pro Breathalyzer to perform the random Breath Alcohol Tests.

IMS also conducts our DOT physicals and issues the DOT medical cards for our drivers.